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Catalyst Enterprises, LLC has a broad range of industry experience and created a health care trend tracking process while at the Healthcare Distribution Management Association (HDMA). Using our experience, we have created a unique trend reporting system that can help your organization quickly and efficiently develop or refine its short and long-term strategy to meet your business objectives.

bulletWe work with a number of clients to identify business objectives, the appropriate target markets and strategies to achieve them.


Assure your future by planning for it today. We can help you develop a strategy based on the industry trends, your niche, your objectives and your strengths.


bulletWe have helped numerous clients develop strategies to take advantage of business opportunities presented by the robust biotechnology pipeline.
bulletWe have developed the strategy for a value-added pharmacy network and its management.
bulletMany clients have benefited through our review and additions to their business and marketing strategies, implementing new cost-effective ideas to attain their financial and customer goals.


Reading List

To ensure you are incorporating the latest trends, consider:


1.  The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Order it now.


2.  The Fourth Turning. What the Cycles of History Tell Us about America's Next Rendezvous with Destiny. William Strauss and Neil Howe. 1997. Order it now.


3.  Success Secrets of Franklin, Einstein, Other Great Thinkers. The happiest, most successful people share size characteristics that anyone can develop. Read this interview with character-development speaker Hal Urban, Ph.D., to find these common elements of Benjamin Franklin and other great thinkers.


4. You Mean You Want Me to Think: Entrepreneurial Thinking in a Cubical World by Anthony Cirillo for HealthLeaders News. Read the article.



Positive Thinking for a Better Day


Even the most efficient people frequently feel as if they are constantly running behind schedule. Here's how to overcome everyday distractions. Read the article.


Author and consultant Scott Ventrella relays the power of positive thinking in business terms relevant to any health-system pharmacy manager. Ten crucial traits for success are summarized. Read the article.





 Goal of a Plan

To ensure a successful plan, your business goals and objectives must be clear. Catalyst Enterprises, LLC can help you refine your goals, develop appropriate objectives and identify the right people to participate in the process, saving you time and money.


 Materials to Gather

Before any planning can start, you need to gather any current material related to business objectives, financial targets, key customers and company personnel involved in each area. If you have an assessment of your firm's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis), that is helpful. Catalyst Enterprises, LLC can bring industry trends to bear, knowledge of untapped markets and their characteristics and potential business opportunities that make sense based on your current plans. If you do not have a SWOT analysis, Catalyst Enterprises, LLC can help you create one.



Implementing any plan can be a challenge. It seems there is a never ending number of urgent matters or new issues that require priority attention, putting work on plan objectives behind. Catalyst Enterprises, LLC can help you create an implementation process to deal with these daily challenges in a way that assists in keeping on track with your implementation plans.









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